Ghost Signs

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I have always enjoyed the “ghost signs” that are scattered around our Old Town Fort Collins. We are fortunate to have a few. But, my favorite is the Coca Cola sign. The textures and colors are gorgeous!

According to a brochure issued by the City of Fort Collins, which can be found HERE

“Signs are social. They identify, direct, and decorate.  In a world full of uniform and unimaginative advertising, “ghost signs” contain the originality and history that others lack. Painted by hand in vivid colors or in bold contrast, these signs were left to the elements and faded with time. The term “ghost signs” came about for a few reasons:

a ghost sign is a painted sign, at least 50 years old, on an exterior building wall heralding an obsolete product, an outdated trademark or a clue to the history of the building’s occupancy. However in some cases, such as the Coca-Cola sign, the product being advertised is still a prominent company in today’s culture. They are “ghosts” because they appear when the light is just right, when the viewer has stared long enough to see the specter, or are rediscovered following the demolition of a neighboring building.”

coca-cola-ghost-sign2We are fortunate in that the City of Fort Collins decided that our sign should be preserved. Details of that endeavor can be found HERE.

And, the original artists?

“The sign was originally painted in 1958 by local sign painter Dan Brown, who was paid $400 for his work.”

In researching this ghost sign, I also learned that the original artists of such signs were referred to as Wall Dogs- an “unglamorous nickname for the men who painted wall signs not only reflected the grunt work of sign painting but also their commitment to their art. They worked on the wall and they worked like dogs. These wall dogs had no pre-mixed paints and no electric scaffolding. If they were injured on the job there was no workmen’s compensation. The hours were also intense.”

It sounds like it was not only a busy job, but also a labor of love, by looking at how these signs turned out.

If anything, these signs are a reminder of our past, and a reminder to pay attention to the details around you.

Any ghost signs in your area?

Happy hunting!



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Attending the Vintage Whites Market

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A little over a week ago, The Vintage Whites Market ( came to Northern Colorado. What a FUN time! Approximately 80 vendors were there, and set up such inspiring booths, just chock-full of vintage goodies! Total, vintage heaven!

Here are a few pics. Unfortunately, I was really only able to take pics of the first few booths. After that, my arms were just Way. Too. Full.  Next time, I think I need to take the kids’ old wagon!

vintagewhites8 vintagewhites7Love the sprinkling of tinsel across the fireplace logs.

vintagewhites5 vintagewhites4 vintagewhites3 vintagewhites2Isn’t this a great idea to make a chalkboard from a vintage suitcase??? So clever!

So, all of these booths were so inspiring, but I have to say, I especially enjoyed these vendors:

La Lovely Vintage

Lily Adams Home

Livvy Loo

Kara Rosenberry Co.

chalkboardsuitcaseAnd, a few of my findings! Such a fun time, and I can’t wait to go back next year!

vintagewhites1Have a great week!


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A Vintage Christmas Re-cap

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Merry Christmas, and Happy {almost} New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful, joyous time with your family and friends. Those of us in Northern Colorado had the lucky fortune to have snow all Christmas Day long, to a total accumulation of 7 inches! It was so pretty-love the outdoor Christmas lights against the snow!


I’ve been negligent in my blog posts the last couple weeks. The holidays just got a little bit busier than normal. Lots of fun though! I thought I would share a few pics of the vintage Christmas decor I put out this season.


I love how each of us can pull out our traditional decorations and make our homes all cozy for Christmas. It is such a comfort to be surrounded by these treasures, which makes each home individually unique. I think that explains my love of vintage. Those harder to find items have such a history to them, and they add such depth to a home. And, you know that your neighbor does not have the very same thing in their house!

vintage-manger-scenevintage-felt-stockingvintage-foil-treesvintage-santa-on-tablevintage-wooden-soldiervintage-caroling-bannercarolbook2I don’t create huge, elaborate displays…its just a nice scattering of vintage set about the house. :)  And, usually, being casually creative is the most fun of all!

Happy Creating,


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Reindeer Dust

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I love the idea of leaving a little something for Santa’s reindeer! After all, they work hard too. :) When the kiddos were younger, they would leave carrots on the front porch, and were always delighted to find that the next morning, only remnants of the carrots were left!

I’ve been seeing this idea popping up lately, and decided to create it…vintage style of course!


These tubes of reindeer dust are actually recycled, vintage cigar tubes, and are the perfect capsule for the “magic reindeer dust”-vintage gold glass glitter.


The poem is placed across a vintage Christmas card image, and sized down. And a vintage, hard-plastic candle is framed perfectly within a metal embellishment. Together, they dress up the top of the tube. Certainly a fun activity for the little ones to sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the lawn, as they are so eager for Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful time as you prepare for the big day, and are creating lots of new memories!


Happy Creating,



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Retro Christmas Candy Calendars

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vintage-christmas-calendar-1Happy St. Nicholas Day!

December 6th is the feast day of Saint Nicholas, known, among other things, as the Patron Saint of Children. Saint Nicholas served in the Church as a Bishop in the region now recognized as Turkey in the 3rd century. In many European countries, children leave their shoes out for Saint Nicholas to come and fill with candy and other treats. In our household, St. Nicholas leaves a basket of treats on the front porch for the kids to find. And, they do check frequently! :)

vintage-christmas-calendar-2On this year’s Candy Calendars for the kids in the family, I marked Dec. 6th with a foil-wrapped chocolate Santa. Yum! I trimmed the rest of the calendar with candies and retro imagery from vintage Christmas cards. Advent calendars are such a fun way for kids to count down to their most favorite day of the year!

vintage-christmas-calendar-4I hope you are having a great weekend…possibly preparing for Christmas? Would love to hear what fun traditions your family celebrates!

Happy Creating,


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