Vintage Golden Book Christmas Journal

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Oh my goodness its been a while since my last post!!! But, I have been busy. I’ve decided to get as organized as I can for Christmas this year (don’t we all hope for that?), and have been working on my “Night(s) Before Christmas” Journal.

This concept is quite like the Golden Book Recipe Book that I made a while ago-you can find details of that project HERE.


This year’s Journal is made from the larger Golden Book, and is pretty simple to assemble. I removed the inside pages, trimmed the binding (separating the covers) and added spirals with my Zutter. If you don’t have a binding tool like the Zutter, simply punching holes along the edge and adding rings or ribbon will work just as well too. Before punching the binding holes, I trimmed the raw edges with red washi tape to give the book a more finished edge.

golden-book-christmas-4Of course, I had to add a little glitter to the title! What’s Christmas without some sparkle? I sporadically also added red flocking to Santa’s suit. Remember these vintage candy canes??? Love them!

golden-book-christmas-3I sparkled up the chimney top with vintage clear mica snow flakes and edged the chimney with silver tinsel.  A vintage bottle brush tree and vintage hard-plastic holly add a bit more texture to the cover.

golden-book-christmas-2For the inside, I added pages of plain white cardstock and trimmed the title page to fit! Love these illustrations don’t you?

golden-book-christmas-5Next page…

I “wrapped” a piece of chipboard with this fantastic paper by Cavallini Papers.

golden-book-calendar-1And, on the adjacent page, I printed a calendar from the internet. This will be my “go-to” for all the important dates next month! The Merry Christmas image in the corner is an image of a vintage Christmas card.

golden-book-calendar-2And, moving on to the next pages…

Shopping! I had to leave this page blank for blog purposes-don’t want anyone knowing what they’re getting for Christmas! :)

I decorated these pages “Smashbook” style with vintage Christmas shopping images and vintage Christmas card images. The combination of red and blue is very retro, and I wanted to tie these colors back to the cover of the book.


golden-book-shopping-2Bits of Soot Tinted Tape and red string add extra texture. Isn’t this vintage felt Santa cute??? It was a little packaging decoration, I think from the 60s/70s.

golden-book-shopping-3Well, that’s the first few pages of my Christmas Journal. I’ve been working on the others and will show you soon! I hope you’re inspired to make your own. What a fun reference book to revisit and add to each year!

Happy Creating,






















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Elegant Halloween Card

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halloween-card-1Boy, this month went by fast! Its been so fun creating vintagey Halloween projects!

Do you have fun plans for the big day? I get to open the door to the trick-or-treaters this year. Usually I’m out and about with the kids, and my husband passes out the candy. The kids are going in different directions this year, and I’m looking forward to first, staying warm, and second, seeing all the cute costumes that come to our door!


For this last Halloween project, I decided to make a card incorporating a chalkboard frame that I showed a couple months ago at this post HERE. Using a chipboard frame, simply frame a piece of black cardstock. I used a white colored pencil instead of chalk to write my message-a bit more control that way. A glittered die cut bat and a black satin bow add a touch of elegance to the card.


These fun sparkly bats, hot glued to a small black clothes pin, make for a simple treat sack closure. And, a die cut border of skulls adds a touch of fanciful macabre to the card. A quick ensemble with a touch of elegance.

I hope you have a safe, fun Halloween! And, don’t forget to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown-truly a vintage classic! :)

Happy Treating,


skeletel greeting

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Halloween Party Hat Garland

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Well, we’re officially closing in on the home stretch to Halloween. This weekend I started to unbox all of my fun “vintagey” Halloween decor in preparation for our annual pumpkin carving party. That’s always a fun time! I love tucking in little bits of decor into unexpected places. This Halloweeney party hat garland fits the bill for this framed chalkboard!


This is the perfect way to use up scraps of patterned paper! Simply fold into a cone shape, adhere and trim with glitter and a sprig of vintage metallic garland. I strung these together with cotton string. They measure approx. 3 inches tall.

I found this colorful owl image as I was unpacking. Just love it, and thought it would look so cute as an ornament on my miniature tree. To create these, I scanned the image, sized it and printed it onto white cardstock. To make it even a bit sturdier, I backed it onto a piece of chipboard and cut out each image. Of course, I had to add a bit of glitter! A bent black pipecleaner creates the “hook” for the ribbon.


I think they decorate the tree nicely!


I hope you are having fun preparing for Halloween! Maybe you’ll even have time to craft a party hat or two. :)

Happy Creating,


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Vintage Halloween Candy Ads

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Ooh, I’m so EXCITED to share these!!! Old advertisements are truly vintage at its finest! A very good friend of mine shared with me a few of her vintage LIFE magazines from the early 1960s. What a treasure! The colors, graphics and fonts are so fantastic, I had to share them on the blog.



Remember SAF-T-POPS??? Cute! The kids on the broom are so innocent and adorable, and I love the combination of fonts and colors. You can really get some good design ideas looking at these old ads!


vintage-halloween-ad-3 vintage-halloween-ad-4 vintage-halloween-ad-5

What a cute clown! And, what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on a few of these old treat boxes!

vintage-halloween-ad-6 vintage-halloween-ad-7 vintage-halloween-ad-8


I think everyone loved Dubble Bubble bubble gum! It made the entire treat bag smell like bubble gum, and I think I about broke a tooth each time I bit into one they were so hard, but definitely a Halloween tradition!


vintage-halloween-ad-9 vintage-halloween-ad-10Now, here’s a cute idea for those Halloween pumpkin pies! My mom is the ULTIMATE pie maker-she makes the most amazing crust. And, yes, she does these cute little pics on each one of her pies, although she takes the “easy” way and uses cookie cutters. :)

vintage-halloween-ad-17I’m thinking I may just have to do this for our annual pumpkin carving party. Great idea!

vintage-halloween-ad-11 vintage-halloween-ad-12 vintage-halloween-ad-14

My friend and I were laughing when we came across this ad. I’m pretty sure this mom is not eating many candy bars with a figure like that!


More cute packaging ideas! Lots of pics to share, but so many fun vintage images. I hope these inspire you with some of your Halloween projects.

Happy Creating, and don’t forget….



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Introducing…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles!

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Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve been having a great week! I’ve been mulling over an idea for a little while, and I think the beginning of the holiday whirlwind is a great time to launch its debut! So, introducing…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles!

tinsel-bits-&-baubles-ideaboard-octoberI’m sure you’re asking…what exactly is Tinsel, Bits & Baubles? Tinsel, Bits & Baubles, is essentially a revolving vintage inspiration board. A gathering of objects, techniques and ideas that will launch all sorts of vintagey inspiration! My hope is that this gathering of objects will spark all sorts of creativity. Creativity that goes “beyond the board!” :)


For the October Ideaboard, I’ve assembled, of course, a Halloween theme. Vintage ribbons, ephemera and images are pinned with a plastic spider, vintage treat bag, vintage button, a piece of black and orange fringed tissue, and glass glitter, among a few other found items. So fun to find all these little bits, and very inspiring!


To spark creativity and “move it off the board,” I would also like to introduce Vintage Inspiration Cards! I LOVE this idea, and hope you do too! These cards can complement the Ideaboard, or can be an independent concept. Similar to the idea of Artistic Trading Cards (ATCs), Vintage Inspiration Cards display swatches of vintage, such as a snippet of ribbon, a scrap of vintage wall paper, a stripe of glass glitter, etc. Kept as reference cards, Vintage Inspiration Cards are a way to trigger inspiration for the holidays, or to “bookmark” an idea. They are also a great little item to trade! Create a Vintage Inspiration Card, and challenge a friend to create something new using the VIC as inspiration.

Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-1 Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-2Using the Ideaboard as a guide, I created these inspiration cards using the cardboard insert from a package of vintage seam binding. Pretty much the size of a bookmark-a quick snapshot of  inspiration!

Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-3So, there you have it…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles. Stay tuned for more Ideaboards and Vintage Inspiration Cards. I hope you’re inspired to create your own vintagey cards, and maybe even start a trading group!

Happy Creating,



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