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Good morning and Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve had a great week! If you can believe it, we’ve still been getting  a bit of snow around here. Luckily, its too warm for it to really collect on the ground, but that doesn’t seem to stop it from still falling! Crazy, but gotta love the moisture.



I’m still busy creating, but thought I’d add a little something new to the blog. If you live in the Northern Colorado area, and obviously are a fan of vintage, you may already be familiar with a seasonal market we have up here called French Nest. It really is a lovely, open- air market, and attracts some very interesting and talented artists and vendors. You can learn more about French Nest HERE.



It was on one of these French Nest excursions last summer, that my daughter and I happened upon this amazing booth called Midwest Market. It honestly looked like something out of Country Living magazine. Upon return trips, we would always go to this booth first (it’s popular, so you really have to make it the first stop). I decided it would be fun to feature Midwest Market and the proprietor, Jody Brown. Jody was kind enough to explain a little bit about Midwest Market below:


1. Explain what Midwest Market is, and how you got started.

Midwest Market is an array of items from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We also have vintage camping items for decor and use. I mainly focus on household items like kitchen goods, decor and furniture. We also have a few custom items we do like pillows and tepees.

I started Midwest Market only a little over a year ago and it has really embraced my love for great decorating as well as my love for collecting. My son and I decided that with our love of all things vintage that it would be great if we could start a business and sell our goods at local venues. Since then it’s become a family affair and my daughter and husband now help as well.



2. What are your sources of inspiration?

Most of the time it starts with a color, a piece of fabric something I’ve seen on Pinterest. I love color and design so I try to figure out backdrops and things that are visually interesting. I try to work off different themes and build my collections and booths around that.



3. Where can we find you?

We will be in Ft. Collins this summer at The French Nest Market downtown Old Town in Civic Center Park on:

June 18th, Saturday 9-3pm

July 16th, Saturday 9-3pm

September 17th, Saturday 9-3pm


Vintage Whites Market

Loveland,  CO January 2017



You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Midwest Market (Vintage Store) We update this with markets, and times we will be there!


Jody’s booths are always PACKED with wonderful retro vintage items. So fun to poke around in. I know I’ve got June’s French Nest on the calendar. If you’re in Colorado, I hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend,



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Springtime Story Board Boxes

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story board books

Hi there -I hope your week is off to a great start!

I’m still in Spring-time crafting mode around here.  During my craft room overhaul (aka massive cleaning project), I came across this super sweet children’s book.

Little Lambs Hat

I just love illustrations in vintage children’s books, and the rich colors. This one is particularly charming, and luckily, I found two of them!


lamb book

These sweet pictures are the inside covers  of the book. I love that they are adhered to the book board cover. I gently broke the binding of the book, and cut the inside covers in half. I stamped a flourish with a clear Staz-On ink pad and sprinkled with fine glitter. Always, have to have a little sparkle! :)  And, I really like the contrast against the aged book paper.

lamb book close up lamb close up girl book girl book close up girl book open

I found these great boxes that are actually shaped like books at the local craft store. Just perfect! I painted the inside of the box, wrapped the outside in patterned paper, and added book paper along the outside. Vintage seam binding, flowers, stitching and buttons add extra texture.

lamb book open duckling box duck book close up

I’m looking forward to adding these boxes to my springtime displays. Wouldn’t these also be great for a baby gift, or for Easter filled with candies?  So fun!

Have a great rest of the week and Happy Creating!


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Vintage Easter Chicks on Parade

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vintage easter jar 5Hello, and Happy Easter!!

I hope you are having a special day with family and friends, and that the Easter Bunny was good to you. :)

The internet is filled with loads of treat jar ideas. And for good reason – they are so. darn. cute!  As such, I decided to create my own spin on treat jars, using these very vintage, made in Japan,  pom pom chicks. I just love these, and I can’t help but smile when I look at them. They are so flamboyant and their black, beady eyes always go a bit askew, which adds to the charm.

vintage treat jars 1


vintage easter jars 2

Parading these vintage gems on the tops of jars is a great way to share them, and making these is so simple. To begin, I filled each jar with mini, vintage shiny brite ornaments in colors that were complementary to the chick colors, in lieu of candy. Foiled Hershey kisses, however,  would be a great choice, especially in the pastel colors. I then re-applied the lid and taped the wire feet of the chicks to the top of the jar lid. Then, I raided my stash of vintage, waxy Easter grass, and tucked it around the base of the chicks.

vintage easter jars 3

vintage easter jar 4 vintage easter jar 6 vintage easter 7 The Easter grass tucks in nicely, and really stays in place. To keep the attention on these fancy, colorful chicks, I added a similarly colored ribbon to hold the name tags of the treat recipient, and also used similarly colored paper for the tags.  A monochromatic color scheme is subtle and is a great way to add texture to a project.


vintage easter jar9

Treat jars are great as just a favor, or can multi-function as place cards too. So many fun ideas with a little jar. :)

Enjoy your day!



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Vintage Easter Colors

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bunny coloring book

Vintage Easter coloring books that is!

Aren’t these just the cutest??  It looks like these were used for a marketing campaign once upon a time- love that.  I was lucky enough to find a bundle of these sweet books recently, and as such, decided these would be my young nieces’ and nephew’s Easter treats this year. And sugar free! That is always a struggle.

easter coloring book

Simple enough, I let the gorgeous graphics and bold colors speak for themselves, and just rolled them and tied them up with a tulle bow. Super easy!

bunny crayons

As for the crayons, I put a small grouping of them in a narrow glassine envelope, tied it off with cotton twine,  and inserted a vintage (1960s?) plastic tulip.  Isn’t that tulip great? I really love vintage plastic flowers and greenery. Have to say, they can lean towards tacky, but in small accents, like this, they exude vintage charm. :)

Can’t wait to sit and color with the little ones on Sunday!

Happy Creating!

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Wishing for an Organized Craft Room – Vintage Style

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Wish wands


I hope your week is off to a great start!

The blog has been quiet again for a bit of time.  And, I must confess, it was due to the state of my craft room. It honestly got overwhelming with clutter and disorganization which occurred over time. I have to say that combination is murder to creative energy. And, due to basic life busyness, there it sat….and sat.  Until the kids left to visit their grandparents over Spring Break.

And, I am happy to say, while they were gone, I ruthlessly cleaned/gutted the craft room. Having a deadline seriously made all the difference.  And, what a liberating feeling it is to have a clean, orderly room. Even better than it ever was, because I made an organizational plan…vintage style of course!

I still have a few of those plastic drawer sets that I got from Target years ago, but over time, I hope to replace those as well with some cute vintage dresser drawer sets. Its a work in progress, but at least its functional. :)

I’m excited to share with you though the vintage organizers that I did implement. And, I would LOVE if you could share any of the great organization ideas that you have in your craft spaces. Unless I’m the only one who struggles with this? :)

So, first….

coke crates

I discovered that vintage Coca-Cola crates make AMAZING holders of vintage ric-rac and seam binding. They fit perfectly in the little cubbies! I was absolutely giddy with excitement on this one, as ric-rac multiplies like crazy and it had also taken over the craft room. So nice to have my favorites all in one place. And, the other not-so-vintage ones are out of the craft room to another home. Because really, how much seam binding/ric-rac does a person need????


vintage briefcases

Sigh, what is not to love about vintage briefcases? And, they looked so nice adorning the top of my bookcase. But, now, they are absolutely functional! One stores Valentine ephemera and the other Christmas ephemera. Now, I just need about 5 more of these for the other ephemera that has now taken home in one of the afore-mentioned plastic Target drawers.

christmas briefcase Valentine briefcase

Moving on…

wooden shelves

Vintage drawers. I think these must be from a card catalog. Again, I will be adding to these too, but this little bunch stores a few of my crafting staples, which apparently is hardware from Making Memories. All about the classics around here. :)

Bingo drawer

This bigger vintage drawer holds another crafting staple – vintage Bingo cards. Unlike the ric-rac, a person can never have too many vintage Bingo cards!

bubblegum machine

Vintage syrup bottles, and salt shakers make great storage containers for the little things. And vintage Cracker Jack toys are happy in the bubblegum machine. I have a few more shakers full of glitter. Seriously a fun storage idea!

crate of stamps

A vintage wooden crate stores my go-to stamps. Nice to have them all in one convenient place. Going through the large amount of stamp sets that I have also stored in a huge plastic tub is on the to-do list. But, for now, out of sight, out of mind. The plastic tub is in a deep closet. That’ll be another day.

washi tape box

This little case from the 50s/60s was once for dolls, but now is the perfect home to tape!


Wooden spools of glittery things and festooning. Sigh, love this!

Thank you for allowing me to share my vintage storage with you. And, please share with me any other ideas out there. I’m on an mission now to keep this room organized, and to be very mindful about what comes into this space. As, I’m told, part of organizing is having less to begin with. Holy cow, that’s a big expectation for a vintage crafter!!! But, I will try. :)  Think I’ll go sit in my organized space and maybe start creating.

Have a wonderful week!




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