Wrapping it up….party style!

I had a cute little album that I made for my granddaughter, Mia and wanted to get it sent to her in San Diego this week.  I needed to wrap it up for her, what better way then to use the Party Games paper kit to get it all ready for my girl.

I started with the beautiful red cellophane wrapping paper which made a great base for all the little additions I want to add.

I then added some crepe paper that I folded and stapled, then placed in a circle in the middle of the package.

Using some of my May Arts ribbon stash, I cut a 4 inch piece of white ribbon, folded in half, then stapled.  I did two of each colors, white and black.

I tucked each ribbon under the crepe circle with the added snowflake and circus game circle.

I tucked all four pieces of May Arts underneath.

A few added items to the top to make it cute.

The entire gift topping with many fun additions from the Party Games paper collection.

The complete package ready to be shipped on Monday to my sweet granddaughter.  I cant wait to hear what they say when they get it.

So get yourself all wrapped in the latest goodies from Vintage Street Market!

Happy Papercrafting,
Candy Rosenberg

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