Tinted Tape Techniques

Tinted Tape Techniques…Wow! Say that 3 times fast!

I want to share with you today 3 pretty cool, and EASY, techniques using the Vintage Street Market Tinted Tapes, which, are now in the shop, and on their way to your local scrapbook store!!!! We are so excited to finally be able to share these unique adhesives with you! Or, are they embellishments? Hmmm…let’s just say they are super versatile and are both!

First technique…

Use the tape as an overlay to an image or word you would like to highlight, or subdue. This works best with the Linen Tinted Tape. In this example, I wrapped a small package with one of the Dimestore Vogue (also now available-yippee!) printed paper sheets. It didn’t take much paper, and I love how the printed buttons just settle on the bottom. Don’t they look REAL? Not sure if you can really tell in this pic, but I also crumpled the paper before I wrapped it. Love that texture and it makes the gingham print almost look like real wrinkled fabric! But, I digress…

On the coordinating gift tag (also included in Dimestore Vogue), I added letter stickers to spell the word “nice.” I felt though, that the black was just a little too harsh, so I simply applied a strip of Linen Tinted Tape over the top-I can still see the black, but it is a bit softer, and I think, looks just right!

Second technique…

Use the tape as a trim, and stitch through it! This is where the tape kind of acts like ribbon, but without bulk. In this example, I created a crepe ruffle along one side of  a piece of the gingham paper and adhered it to a folded piece of cardstock. Both the crepe and printed paper come from Dimestore Vogue. Next to the crepe ruffle, I ran a length of Aged Tinted Tape.

The tape alone looked neat, but see how it looks when stitched! The stitching goes right through, and stitches smoothly. This simple embellishment seriously took less than 2 minutes to do, and looks just great!

Third technique…

Ok, and this is cool! Hold onto your hats with this one…

I was so excited when Danielle Flanders showed this technique in her Guest Designer post this month. Did you miss that? You can check it out HERE.  In this example, I again used a printed Paper Sheet from Dimestore Vogue , and adhered it to a piece of folded cardstock. To keep it monochromatic, I added 3 small ivory buttons (dotted with Platinum Stickles in the center) to the top of the dress pattern. A soft pink tulle ruffle from Ribbon Trims stitched along the side adds some more texture. But, here’s where it gets fun!

I took a length of Linen Tinted Tape, and gently adhered it to the back of a vintage dress pattern package. Any of the aged paper from our Ephemera Assortment will also work fantastic!!! Then, I gently peeled off the tape, and voila!-the tape picks up some of the paper. Just enough to make it very vintagey and a bit tattered. Since there is still areas where the paper did not stick, the tape can then be positioned where you want it on your project. In this case, along the side of the card next to the pink ruffle. Love how it picked up the fabric names-just perfect for this card!

So, there you have it! Three totally “doable” techniques that you can do with Tinted Tape! Don’t worry, there are more, but that’s for another day!

Go try it-you’ll LOVE it!!!

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  1. Noreen says:

    Love the technique you shared of picking up some of the pattern paper and using the tape on a project! What possibilities!

  2. Tammy S. says:

    Amazing creation….Neat tape effect~who would of thought.

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