A Vintage Wedding…

I found this set recently….the plastic filigree is a bit yellow now, and the lilies of the valley a bit faded, but I’m sure it made a bride giddy one day. It made me wonder though, when did wedding cake toppers come to be? It appears that cake toppers had their heyday in the 1950s, which I’m thinking is when this one made its debut.

A bit “frilly”, but there are some fun design elements that can be extracted from here to inspire some vintage creativity. I like the beading…that can easily be achieved with Stickles! And the bundling of the tulle and flowers can be brought down to a smaller scale and be quite pretty. I also like the faded blue and light yellow color combination… Everyone “sees” something different…what do you see?

With these vintage wedding goodies, I was inspired to play with the Vintage Wedding Kit a bit. Wedding season is coming up! Thought this would be cute either as a card, or attached to the front of a plain gift bag for a wedding shower…

Everyone is familiar with bridal  shower games. This Bride bingo card makes the perfect foundation! The “bride” is cut from the Dimestore Vogue paper, and is dressed up a bit with a vintage crepe veil, and forget-me-not from the kit. I even put  a dot of stickles on her hand as an engagement ring. Flowers are made from the vintage wedding wrapping paper and crepe, and trimmed in stickles and buttons. The bell image is actually the bingo placer that I trimmed out…

These little vintage plastic flowers also come in the kit. A bow and a Stickles center makes a cute detail…

With a few other elements from the kit, I decided to make thank you cards. Dainty ones that a bride could give to her wedding party attendants. These were made with vintage wrapping paper, layered onto cardstock, and trimmed with Spring Ribbon Trims and crepe.

And, don’t you just love the new Honeydew Bakers Twine???? Such a soft color for spring, and goes great with the vintage paper!

So, while crafting these projects, I came across this word on the bingo card, and of course, had to look it up! Interesting…I had never heard this term before.  We call it something else now. Do you know what it is?

Hope this kit inspires you to create something extra special for any wedding or anniversary celebrations you have coming up!


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5 Responses to A Vintage Wedding…

  1. Donna says:

    n.) Lohengrin
    (in medieval German romances) a knight who rescued a lady in distress and wed her on the condition that she not ask him his name.

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Really? Thanks Donna. Wow-talk about marriage secrets! 🙂
      I didn’t find that definition, that’s interesting. I found that it is actually the name of an opera, where, as it turns out the Wedding March is extracted from! Learned some new things!


  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    What a fun post M!!

  3. DonnaC says:

    Michelle I LOVE the thank you notes and the bingo card is precious…..your details on the “bride” are great, esp her “veil” and the bling on her finger! I love old wedding things, especially cake toppers and yours is very cool!! Like you, I found that word to refer to Wagner’s opera—how funny that it would be used on that old game! Thank you for a great post and super inspiration today! : )

  4. Cindy says:

    The wedding cake topper is identical to the one that my mom and dad had on their cake in 1972. I am planning their 40th wedding anniversary…any chance you are interested in selling it??

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