A “Vogue” Shadow Box all taped up!

Our design team received some fun shadow boxes to alter.  You don’t have to ask me twice to alter something, I am on it!

My shadow box was a small white box with a fun velvet backing on the inside and just the right size for a new found vintage item that I received in my Vintage Travel Kit:
Travel Kit

It is an actual VIEWMASTER disk with original sleeve and in prestine condition and I wanted to show it off in the shadowbox!

Let me show you what I did with my box!

Ok, so no comments on my messy desk!  Here is the shadow box with the insides taken out and covered in Dimestore Vogue paper and the start of my taping the edges with Soot Tinted Tape.

Here is more of top view of the pieces that I cut out for the front frame of the shadow box.

I began to tape around the edges of the shadowbox to create a finished look.  The Tinted Tape was so easy to use and adhered nicely to the paper creating a framed looked on the outside.

A closer look at the tape wrapped around the edges.

Here is the shadow box all covered in paper and wrapped in tinted tape.

A few additions to the outside:  I added a corrugated dress form with painted canvas dress, a paintbrush for a curtain rod with a tulle curtain.  I added some great items from the Vintage Travel Kit to show off the View Master.

A close up shot.

So grab a shadow box and get to altering!


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