Farmers Market-Fresh and Fabulous!

Its Spring time! Do you have any of your Spring veggies planted yet? We planted lettuce and peas a few weeks ago, and they are just now starting to peek up a bit. I’m sure they’ve been enjoying the rain we’ve been getting!

If you plant a garden, show your garden’s progress with a garden journal-a place where you can collect photos of your garden, and take notes of what you planted. And, write any tips that you’ve learned or observations you’ve made along the way.

This journal was made using the new Farmers Market Vintage kit now available. I just LOVE this kit! The colors are so vibrant and the vintage pieces are really unique-this is one you will really enjoy.

I made this journal using the covers of an old scrapbook. Since the cover is pretty great on its own, I just slightly embellished it with a title, using the Cut and Paste Fonts. These fonts are super thick and work great for the cover. As the vintage seed packet is so vibrant, on the cover it went also… Don’t you love that vintage plastic clip? That can easily be moved around to mark a page in the journal.

I cut down the card stock included in the kit to make the pages of the journal. As the scrapbook covers already had holes, I just lined the paper up to those holes, and used the twine included in the kit to tie it all together.

This page has the header Garden Party Planters. While my garden is very tiny, my mother has the most amazing large garden. So large in fact, that she hosts a garden party every year in order to plant it. This journal will be going to her and the first page will act as a guest book for those who have been invited (recruited?) to plant.

Soot Tinted Tape is a perfect accent! And, the tape doesn’t always have to be purely functional. On the page above, it decoratively adheres the vintage checklist, while, on the page below, it is a great background trim to the vintage embroidered ruffle.

Soot tape again adds a nice contrast to the vibrant colors of the papers…

And, aren’t the vintage green stickers and canning labels great?

I remember getting these little wooden spoons with my mini ice cream containers back in kindergarten. Now they’re vintage! And, a great way to display a title. The “Fabulous” title comes from the Dimestore Vogue paper kit. Its looks dimensional doesn’t it?

And, a few pages for garden pics. The accent on the side comes from using Linen Tinted Tape and book paper. Simply lightly adhere the tape to vintage book paper, and then gently lift. As you lift, the book paper will stick to the tape and lift with it-great technique for an interesting trim. Maybe we should call this the Silly Putty technique (remember that stuff with the Sunday comics???)

Linen tape also adheres this vintage farm image. Looks almost like the tape was part of the original scrapbook doesn’t it? Love how Linen tape looks yellowed with age.

And, finally, a layering of all sorts of fun vintage. The flashcard was cut down to create the frame for the stickers. Peapod bakers twine looks very “gardeny” tied onto the vintage black button.

I think this journal will look great with my mom’s garden pics and notes. But, considering the size of her garden, I just may need to add a few extra pages. Luckily I still have a lot of the kit left to do just that!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter!


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  1. Amy Baldwin says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the overall color scheme throughout the book…the rich reds, greens & yellows…love it! The vintage ephemera looks perfectly coordinated with the paper…what a great way to capture your mother’s garden. TFS!

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