Pinewood Derby Memories

We have a little Cub Scout in our family. One of the great things about the scouting program is the memories we make together as a family. When I was a child, my brother was also a scout. The Pinewood Derby was a highlight of the year. I remember the first time he participated, he created a car and the wheel kept falling off as we practiced. We thought for sure his car would come in last place at the Derby, but lo and behold it was the Winner! My brother still has his car on display. (He’s moved on to racing REAL cars, now.) Because the Pinewood Derby has so many memories for our family, I wanted to preserve Ryan’s car and some photos, along with a patch he received. The shadow box we’ve all been using this month was the perfect way to do it. And Party Games was perfect for decorating it.

I painted the shadow box white and added some blue paper to trim it. Since the car wouldn’t fit inside, I added it to the top. The little party balloons were a perfect detail to add to the back of the car.

I placed the photos and patch inside the box along with some die cut tags. Then, I placed the adorable little monkey on the outside of the box. Isn’t he cute???

The little shadow box is sitting on Ryan’s dresser and he absolutely loves it! I’m so glad I could create such a fun memory keepsake for him. Thanks for stopping by! ~Anabelle

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  1. ava g says:

    ha yes, enjoy those little memories in scouting, they will last a lifetime

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