Notepad holder

Hello VSM peeps!

My name is Leica Forrest and I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am sooo excited to be a part of this very artistic design team. Beyond flattered! It is going to be quite the adventure seeing all of the different ways the team uses the product to create fabulous projects!

When someone says vintage, I immediately think of muted colours, newspaper and lace. THEN I SAW the bright primary colours, the games, the puzzles and I was IN LOVE. Having small children, I am definitely finding my style leaning towards bright colours more often.

Since road trips are a huge part of our life, whether it be to the farm, lake or a Sunday drive, I thought creating little notebook holders would be a nice project to create.

I had fun creating this holder because I LOVE texture. The VSM kits sure are packed with different textures; crepe, foil, glitter, tinsel… it is AWESOME!!!

Thanks for checking this out, now have a fabulous day being {{Creative}}!!!


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  1. anabelle says:

    Welcome to the team! Such a cute project. 🙂

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