Little Vintage style gift box

I admit it , I’m a bargain shopper. I love flea markets, second hand stores, Dollar stores.. you name it! I love a good deal!   I’m constantly repurposing things, whether they are old or something new that I think could be used in a fun and different way.    In this case……. I CD box.    I found these fun little CD boxes at the dollar store, and instantly I thought, what cute gift boxes they could be.

I pulled out my “Dimestore Vogue” Papers and tags and got started.  One of my favorite things about these papers is that there are so many fun elements you can cut from them if you choose.  I loved being able to add my “Epiphany Crafts” button embellishment and epoxy piece for a faux closure.

  Just a few simple additions and … tah dah…   you have a fun little gift box to hold your gift.. and then when they are finished they can use it to set on their desk or dresser, to hold something else. ( maybe even CD’s) lol

These little boxes would be fun , done up with a set of cards inside to match.

Or… I great gift box to hold family photos on discs for mom? Since Mothers Day is just around the corner 🙂

I had fun making that little box.

Now, I wanted to show you some cute little figurines I ran across some time ago at a antique store and just had to have.  I didnt know it , but I guess there is another girl that belongs with this set.  My sister ran across some of them recently and we started talking about them, if they were alike and which ones each of us had.  She said someone had told her they are called “Days of the week girls”??? or something similar to that.  I have 6 of the seven and she now has 5, but we are both missing the 7th girl.   If any of you would happen to know anything about these, we would be so interesting to hear about it.    They sure are cute huh?  Just trying to solve the mystery of girl #7. 



Vicki Chrisman

My blog: ” This Art that Makes Me Happy”

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4 Responses to Little Vintage style gift box

  1. Teri says:

    I don’t know about them, but I WANT them!!!! OMG they are sooooo darn cute!!! Antique store, here I come!!! Were they alike? The ones your sister had compared to yours??? Oh so sweet!!!

    • Vicki Chrisman says:

      Yes… my sis and I have the same ones.. only I have one more than she does. I bought mine all together.. in a box ( but not the original box) at a local antique store. Really inexpensive. I had no idea there was one more..until my sister found some at a sale,and the lady told her there are seven.. but didnt know what the other one was. I tried to seach the internet but couldnt find them. The sticker brand on the bottom is Ucagco Ceramics (Japan).
      Someone said they thought they were days of the week girls..but I didnt find them when I looked. Hope you have good luck. If you find them or find out anything about them.. I’d love to hear about it. Here is my blog

  2. I love your recylced box. It is adorable. These little ones are really precious. I will watch for #7 at garage sales and antique shops etc.

  3. Amy Baldwin says:

    Your gift box is FABULOUS! I love the color scheme and the wonderful measuring tapes at the bottom. So clever, and the presentation is perfection.

    I don’t know anything about the girls of the week, but they sure are precious!

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