Vintage Findings: A treasure in an antique shop

You have heard the term, “vintage findings” but may not completely understand what that means.  Everything old is new again, with vintage infiltrating every corner of style, fashion and textile industries across the globe, it is hard not to find something that is vintage in nature.

 noun, adjective, verb, -taged, -tag·ing.


the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use: a hat of last year’s vintage.
Recently I was visiting a small town close to home that is a bit eclectic with old buildings, antique shops and fun restaurants.  On this occassion I was able to catch one of the little shops open as it was a Saturday instead of a Sunday when I am usually able to go.  I was amazed at all the vintage treasures that lay within their walls, and it is hard not to take it all home.
This particular day I found a tremendous treasure, a vintage finding of epic proportions! A vintage catalogue, The Delineator; A Journal of Fashion, Culture and Fine Arts from 1894.  It is in beautiful shape and I was floored when I started to thumb through it I nearly cried, it was beautiful.  This is a true vintage finding.

So normally I would have no problem taking pages out of an old vintage book or paper, but I cannot imagine doing that with this one, so I will have to have fun scanning the pages!!
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2 Responses to Vintage Findings: A treasure in an antique shop

  1. f lynn rush says:

    when does vintage go back far enough to be called “antique”? i would call something that existed spanned one whole century as antique? but, who’s to say. lovely find. i would have a hard time cutting that one up, too.

  2. Laura S. says:

    Wow!!! This is fantastic! Such a find:)

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