Surprise Card *happy monkey day*

Recently my husband found out that he was born in the year of the Monkey …according to the Chinese Calendar. Well…let me state it with a tongue-in-cheek comment…It comes to no surprise for me 😉 As I love placing secret surprise cards into drawers, bags etc. I had an idea when I saw the fun and colorful Party Games kit:

I used the Tinted Tapes Soot and Linen to create the background. Cut out the Monkey and placed the Happy sign on top of the banner. For the Journaling I simply used the typewriter. The hearts were created with the fun red foil sheet in the Party Games Kit and the Epiphany Tool.

Now off to hide the card 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful day!

Nat Kalbach

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4 Responses to Surprise Card *happy monkey day*

  1. Keri says:

    Heh, love this card Nat…the layered tape and Epiphany/Party Games hearts look awesome!

  2. Nat, this is so freakin adorable 🙂 I love how you used the tape!

  3. sharon gullikson says:

    So cute! We joke in our family that each person is a monkey. But some of us are more monkeyish than others. Some of us can use our toes like our fingers….I never knew that it was strange until a friend was amazed by it…! Love the project. And I LOVE the camping themed goodies. I’m a true camper at heart!!!!!!

  4. Amy Baldwin says:

    Love this card! The great pattern/texture the tape creates in the background is fabulous! This is the perfect card for your hubby!

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