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I love pins of any kind, but hand made pins especially.  It’s amazing how much personality and fun they add to a sweater, jacket, apron ect..     I always wear a canvas apron when I am teaching, and I love being able to change out the flower pins I add to it.    I created the pin below with the brown crepe paper from the Dimestore Vogue  paper sheets and tags set, and pieces from Epiphany Crafts. (the center of the flower was punched from the paper sheets).

To add the pin to the back of the flower,  I like to hotglue a peice of chipboard, then add the pin back to it with hot glue.  That just seems to give it even more stability.

I think these would be a fun and inexpensive little gift to make for my girlfriends to give to everyone at our next gathering.   The glue gun is still plugged in.. so I better get on it 🙂

CREATE some fun!

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3 Responses to Add a pin

  1. So adorable, Vicki–fabulous idea, my friend!


  2. Mandy C says:

    Great Idea Candy, a pin is a perfect accent for a pop of creative color

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