Some Party gift can fun

Time for another party!     Since playing with my Vintage Street Market goodies,  my mind has been filled with fun new ways to prepare gifts for giving.  They certainly  don’t always have to be wrapped in a box, or put in a bag.  I had one of these clear pails in my supply closet, and thought it would be fun to dress it up to fill with some candies and little cars ect for this special little guy birthday.  This is a pint size pail, but with the sheets from the “Party Games” being BIG… you could easily us the gallon sized pail 🙂   

Cutting the crepe paper edges with decorative scissors is always fun.

Pennants are everywhere right now aren’t they?  These that are on the “Party Games” sheets are so fun. I found some dowels, and little wood caps for the tops (that I hot glued on)  at the hobby store. I painted them different colors, to add my banner pieces to.

I really like the idea of giving a gift container that can be used for other things after the party is over.  I think this would be pretty cute just sitting on the shelf in his room.    But then again, maybe he will want to take the pennant poles out and just use the container to carry his cars over to Aunt Vickis, and thats okay too 🙂

Have a fantastic Day!

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4 Responses to Some Party gift can fun

  1. I want to come to THIS party! WOW! CUTE idea!

  2. Sandy W says:

    What fun!!! Your idea has just filled my mind with a few great gift cans for the summer birthdays! I love that the pennents are already created for me. Thanks!

  3. Amy Baldwin says:

    This is absolutely adorable! I love the way you did the dowel rod pennants and the patterned papers, ribbon and tissue looks so festive! Perfect for a gift! 🙂

  4. Traci says:

    I love this Vicki!

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