Circus theme party

It’s birthday time! What should the theme be?

I think a great theme that kids would still enjoy is circus. There is nothing quite like the excitement of going to the circus. This little birthday card was made using the vintage Circus kit which can be found HERE. It has everything you need to make something extra festive.

The sweet little elephant is actually cut from one of the vintage circus cards that is included in the kit, which I just layered on the vintage die cut that is also included (styles will vary from each kit). Using fine glitter, I glittered up the BINGO letters and added a birthday greeting to a luggage tag.  The vintage yarn and crepe adds extra pops of color and really makes the card look festive.

Now on to party favors!

Remember in the 70s how it was popular to make clown cupcakes out of ice cream cones? I’ll have to find a picture of that and post it! I remember how one year one of my friends had these treats at his birthday party and I thought it was just the greatest thing. This little cone is inspired from those cone cupcakes. The cone itself was made from ivory cardstock. I then cut the clown image from one of the circus cards and glued it in the center.  By running a strip of adhesive from an adhesive runner, I was able to crimp and press the crepe ruffle to the top.

A little red pom pom makes the clown’s nose!

I took a strip of crepe and fringed one side, then wrapped it around the tip of the cone to make a tassel. The paper flowers were punched from the vintage book paper and the centers are the fun vintage bingo tokens that are also included in the kit.  Of course, glitter makes everything sparkle!!!

What a fun party this would be!

Happy Friday! Get vintage crafty this weekend!!!


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4 Responses to Circus theme party

  1. Lindy says:

    OMGsh….this is wonderful. I absolutely love it….my mouth dropped when I say it….so perfect.

  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    LOVE that cute clown. … and the pom pom nose!

  3. Jane Harrah says:

    How cute and what a great reminder of the simpler days gone by!

  4. Ola Jaggers says:

    These are all so cute…. love clowns!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

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