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For us June is the month for wrapping up the school year, lot’s of summer parties and birthdays like crazy!!!!! So for me it is a no brainer to sit down with the kids and this fun fun product and create. My kids really love how bright and colourful the papers are. This weekend we have a birthday party and the kids are so excited that the box is big enough for the gift and of course we filled it with extra treats and balloons and other fun kid stuff.

Now, I do scrapbook quite fast and very often. I am always asked how I get so many done and never get stumped. Well the truth is …I DO GET STUMPED. and often. Sometimes I just don’t have a feel for what I want to do with the pictures. HOWEVER, I fall in love with the product all the time, and get really inspired by it. When this happens I just sit down and create a layout with no pictures at all. That was the case for this layout. I loved the Farmer’s kit, and just had to do a layout with fabulous vintage feel. It made me think of the photo I would like in this layout. And immediately I knew I wanted one of my gramma cooking with my kids. It was my favourite memory of when I was little and it wasn’t captured, so I am going to ask gramma for a baking day. CANNOT wait!!!!

As you can see, I left the option for the possibility of horizontal or vertical pics. There is enough room for a collage even. thank you Vintage Street Market for inspiring me with this kit, now off to make memories with my loved ones. I challenge YOU to create a layout without pics, it is very freeing!


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