Foil Pinwheel

Maybe you have heard me saying before that I really am not the best gift wrapper – LOL – but with Vintage Street Market I seem to get there. At least one of my best friends was pretty impressed getting for once a present wrapped niceley in the beautiful Party Games Paper and she for sure loved the Foil Pinwheel.

Foil Pinwheel01

I cut two squares – one from the red Foil Paper of the Party Games Kit and the other one from the teal on in the  Dimestore Vogue kit . I used the Scrapbook Adhesives by §L Adhesive Sheets to put those two square together – an easy way to make sure that even if you bent the foil later the two squares are not coming apart. Then I folded the square two times in half diagonally- so I got four triangles and cut those to the middle. I mounted then one of the sides to the middle where I had adhered an Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L 3D Foam Square. On top of that I put a half pearl. Voila- ready to impress friends 😉

Foil Pinwheel02

Have a wonderful day

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5 Responses to Foil Pinwheel

  1. Lindy says:

    BEAUTIFUL pinwheel. Love it!!!! T4S

    I’m not the best wrapper either; hubby always tell me it looks like a kid wrapped it. LOL

  2. Sandy W says:

    Such a great idea for dressing up your package! This party games paper is full of surprises!

  3. Chele Hyde says:

    Loving the foil papers!! so festive. the pinwheel idea is awesome.

  4. *Sherry B* says:

    This is ADOREABLE!!!

  5. Nat I love how you used the foil girl!! I have always wanted to try and make one of these. 🙂 Now I may just have to !!

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