Vogue gift bag

Hello everyone.

Well summer is finally here for us. The kids are out of school and we are heading to the lake, and you will find me deep into the books, covered in sunscreen and tubing behind our boat. I love this season of relaxing.

But to just to recap, I found that because of the size of Vintage Street Market papers, you have the ability to create simply the most stylish of gift bags. Or wrap those presents in a signature style.

This year I made all the teachers and bus drivers unique gift bags for their year end gifts. I always want those people who have been fabulous to my kids to walk away knowing I appreciate them. I tuck in some chocolate, other treats, some scentsy and a gift card to either a local fancy restaurant or Indigo our book store.

To make this bag, I started out with a brown paper bag and covered it with Dimestore Vogue paper. I wanted it to look casual so I selectively chose the pattern that looks like a tablecloth. Then I cut the edges to look like lace. I threaded the Tinted Tape through a die cut belt image and voila it looks like a little tailored bag all ready to go.  I popped out the vogue die cut, adhered crepe paper to the back and made a little ribbon.



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  1. How cute is that! TFS!!!

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