For safe keeping

I have been a lover of all things vintage for as long as I can remember, but one thing that that truly makes my heart skip a beat is .. vintage trims.   I have lots of them, and I don’t just collect and save them, I really do use them.  I have a large container of them in my supply closet, but I like to have a variety of trims out and easy to get to while I’m creating.  I use wooden spools for keeping smaller pieces organized.    I love the Dimestore Vogue Paper Sheets and Tags, and thought it would be fun to create an altered container with it to, store my vintage treasures 🙂  

A round paper mache container worked perfectly as my base. Adding the papers and embellishments was really easy and fun to do.  Now I can have bits of my favorite trims in here for safe keeping, until I’m ready to use them.

I love vintage trims and lace of any kind, but have some that are extra special to me.  I adore handmade trims, especially anything tatted, crocheted or embroidered.   I actually tried to learn to tat when I was part of any extension club at one time.  It’s not easy.. it all I’m going to say about that 🙁    I have a huge apprieciation for for the time and talent it takes!

Thankyou for letting me share my obsession with you. (snicker)

Happy Creating!


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6 Responses to For safe keeping

  1. Kelly Sas says:

    I love your altered container! We share the same obsession and I have just a plain round cheese box storing some of mine so you inspired me today to alter it – but I have to wait until I get my hands on the VSM Family Fun to do it. I am in LOVE, love, love with Family Fun!!!

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Kelly!
      Sounds like a fun project! You’ll be happy to know Family Fun is now available in the shop, and is ready to ship to stores. Check with your local store also to see if they are carrying it. 🙂

      Thanks Kelly!!!

  2. Jackie, from TEXAS says:

    Love the decorated box! Great idea and beautifully vintage! My favorites!

  3. Jane Harrah says:

    Beautiful work Vicki but we expect nothing less! (LOL)

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