Schultüte? What is this? LOL- well I talked about this in a post before. Let’s translate this German Word into School Cone. When German kids have their first day in school they get a cardboard cone filled with school supplies and sweets. It is a big deal for the kids and makes the first day of school even more spectacular. I still have mine on the attic at my Mom’s house which a friend of hers created with her and now one of my best friends and mother of my oldest godson asked me to create one with her for her youngest one.


So my friend and my godson had a creative morning to create this little surprise and we had a lot of fun. The Party Games Paper was such a fitting theme and the size was perfect to cover this pretty big cone 🙂


We used the Crepe Paper from the Party Games and the Dimestore Vogue Kit and applied it to the top . We also spelled out Linus’ name mounting the Party Games Letters on sturdier carstock and 3D Foam Pads by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™.


We used the die cut tags from the Party Games Kit and mounted a little chalk piece on it (ok…not so little 😉 ) .

And look how proud and cute my sweet godson looks with the Schultüte for his brother in his hand. This was an absolute fun morning and I’m sure Linus will love his Schultüte when he has his first school day next month 🙂


Have a wonderful day!


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5 Responses to Schultüte

  1. Amy baldwin says:

    This cone is super cool! I love the papers and crepe fringe you used to cover it, so very festive! It is huge too, I can only imagine all the fabulous goodies that could be stuffed in there!

  2. Megan Hull says:

    Hi! I am doing this this year. My husband’s family is German, and this is such a neat way to reflect my children’s heritage. Where can I find such a large cone? Michaels had some at Christmas last year, but not nearly this big.

  3. Jackie, from TEXAS says:

    That is soooooooooooo cool. I am part German and (well, I guess cuz i grew up here) never saw those! Awesome. I want one! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Vicki Chrisman says:

    THat is SO COOL Nat! What a great way to use the big sheets!

  5. What do american Kids get when they go to school the first Time?
    Here in Germany, you can buy Schultüten in every larger supermarket and Craftigstore. I love to give them to my adult friends too, if they start to Universety, a new school or something like this 😀

    LG Lilith

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