some quick techniques…

Here’s a fun arrangement that can be used as a wall-hanging, or extract elements from it for a great accent to a layout. My purpose in assembling this though, is to show you a few simple techniques that add some great texture…and did I mention SIMPLE???

As a really simple technique, use Tinted Tape, instead of ink, to add a neat finished edge to your project. In this top picture, Linen Tinted Tape adds a subtle edge to each side of the project, whereas ink may have been too harsh…

We’ve shown this one before, but its such a great one! Tinted Tape and vintage book paper are a great combo. To add some interest to this extra wide ribbon, I used Linen Tinted Tape, and lightly pressed it, diagonally, across a page of vintage book paper. As I gently peeled it back off the paper, a layer of the print came up as well.  And, there was still enough sticky left to stick to the ribbon! I chose to apply the tape diagonally as I was only wanting the texture…I didn’t want the focus to be on what the words said. Which also works great if you can’t find the right words to use!

Linen Tinted Tape also came in handy on this “Mother” title that I cut from the Mother Fashion page in the Family Fun Collection. I wanted to add some color to the title, and sprayed it with a light pink water color spray. However, it seemed too bright for this title when it dried…what to do? To correct brightness, I put a strip of Linen Tinted Tape across the top of the title. This not only added texture, but also toned down the color! It also lent support to the title, and I decided to “lift” the title off the page a bit.  That fashionable image attached to the tag comes from the Family Fun Glamour Mom cardstock sheet.  She’s perfect tucked into the corner layered on top of the vintage sheet music.

Platinum Stickles also add a bit of bling to a vintage button…

I love the clustering technique, and how fun to add a cluster at the bottom of the mom’s fancy ball gown! I trimmed the “Mother” die cut in Platinum Stickles and trimmed the word “DOLL” from the Family Fun  paper doll page.

I hope these simple techniques provide you with some inspiration for your next project!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Jackie says:

    very cute! I like simple and fast.

  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    SO FUN! love it!

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