Back to my gramma’s roots.

Hey there everyone! So how is YOUR day going? Today for me is full of excitement and chaos and more excitement. I began with almost backing into my neighbour’s garage. Yep, kinda thought I’d better go right back into bed. lol. I had my brakes changed yesterday and forgot to pump them up before I put into gear.  Small minor incident, luckily nothing bad happened.

I have to laugh cause you know the saying when life gives you lemons… Well a couple of weeks ago, the saying for me might’ve been when life gives you berries…you make JAM!

I was having one of those kinda days where I was missing my gramma. We used to always make the jams, jellies, pickles, perogies, all that fun stuff. And she’s been gone for 3 years and we haven’t had anything homemade in awhile. This year I decided to start canning again. So I broke out the recipes and had a great messy time. I made up dozens of little jars and decorated them to deliver to all our family and friends. The Vintage Street Market products seemed so PERFECT for this. I punched a decorative border out of the blue foil, adhered it down with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L photo tape. Then I cut out one of the borders from the Family fun paper line, and adhered that down over top. Last little detail was to thread some rafia through one of the tags and layer the ticket on it. As I give these out I will put who they are to. I just took the photos before I addressed them. 🙂

This was a fun fun craft for me. I LOVE creating to give as gifts. Thanks for checking this out!


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