Our First Car

I stumbled across those fun photos in my grandaunt and granduncle’s album showing a VW Beetle peeking out in a lot of their pictures. The beetle has been their first car and and they took it everywhere and it was entered in “sunday” clothes and in “sock -and -sandal” outfits going out for fishing 🙂

I used the new Family Fun Paper Kit and a small snippet of the Dimestore Vogue Kit.

For the background I used PanPastels blending different colors together. I love the gentlemen printed on the newspaperprint.

I love this picture – isn’ t it fun how the guys are standing their enjoying a cold drink at the lake with their fishing pol in the hand? And let me just one more time point out the dressing socks and the sandals 😉

Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Awesome technique for the background Nat! Socks and Sandals… LOVE IT! I think I could dig up some similar photos of my family. lol

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