Family of 5 Frame

Break out those IKEA framed mirrors, I’ve found a fun use for them.

This is a project that didn’t need photos, it was more symbolic for me to just use the cute paper dolls to create a family of 5. (I have 2 boys and a girl, so I strategically found the row where there was a girl between 2 boys.)

The layering and dimension on this project was created by building in a small  frame and then placing the frame onto the large IKEA mirror. I had so much fun cutting out the little dolls out of the Paper Dolls pp. The lady was a diecut from the Dimestore Collection.

Here is a few closeups…

I Loved working with the different borders that I cut out of the pp. Some I used to line the mini frame, others I turned into accordion flowers. The layered tissue paper made for a nice ruffled edge. As you can see I also enjoy using the tinted tape. IT is one of my FAVOURITE things on the market today!

Thanks for checking this out!

Leica Forrest

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  1. Lee Tucker says:

    This is another fabulous idea of how to use this gorgeous kit! I can see now that one kit won’t be enough after seeing so many wonderful creations using this kit on this blog!

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