Christmas Candy Calendars

Otherwise known as advent calendars, I’ve just started making these for my nieces and nephews in the last couple years. I’ve posted a few varieties of this concept on several blogs in the past, and am so thrilled to be using Vintage Street Market offerings for this one. This is a combination of the Retro Christmas Kit, the Firestone Music book and the Christmas Tag Making kit.

I’m inspired to play with a few more concepts I have, so don’t be surprised to see more of these on the blog. I hope you’re inspired to try one out too. Once you get started, they are so much fun, and my sister-in-law told me that the kids just love them! I’ve even made these for teenagers, who still seem to enjoy it.

To start, first cut down a piece of posterboard to 12×16 inches. I found this great blank calendar sheet from Hobby Lobby, or you can simply grid it out on your own. Just make sure to write down the correct dates! Once you have the calendar drawn, or adhered to the posterboard, add “DECEMBER” by either stamping the letters or using chipboard alphas. I used chipboard painted red in this example. Now its time to trim the calendar! I first glued down Jolly Old St. Nicholas sheet music from the Firestone Record songbook-those sheets are the perfect size for projects! Then, I used an image from the  book pages found in the Retro Christmas kit for the header, and trimmed it out. I “lifted” the image with foam squares and then pleated vintage crepe behind to add volume.

The child image and snowflake border at the bottom also comes from the vintage book paper. Don’t you just love vintage illustrations? Just captures childhood innocence.  I further embellished the calendar with  vintage buttons, a vintage Santa seal, and a vintage stencil found in the Christmas Tag Making kit.

Now here’s what really makes the calendar interesting, because children know that in this “cracker” are extra treats-this is the “prize” found on Christmas Day. This took me all of 5 minutes to put together. I’m having SO MUCH FUN making them, that at this rate, I think I’ll not only make them for the calendars, but also for everyone’s place setting-filled with treats of course.  Save the toilet paper tubes and make some for your Christmas dinner table setting! Simply cover the white cardboard tube with sheet music from the Firestone songbook. Trim out an image from the vintage book paper and adhere to the center of the tube. Fill with treats, wrap the tube in ivory tulle and tie off with yarn. Super simple, and I think, super cute!

And here is the completed calendar-filled with candy!

I so enjoy making these every year!  I especially enjoy the fact that I’m carrying on a family tradition. My brother and I received one every year from our Great Aunt Florence. She would decorate the top of her calendars with Christmas cards, and would sometimes attach small ornaments which, of course, we would save. We were especially thrilled as Aunt Florence not only placed candy on each day, but underneath each candy piece, there would also be a coin. Christmas day, would be a full size candy bar with a couple dollars tucked underneath.  Once Thanksgiving passed, we would get so excited for mail delivery to see when those calendars would arrive!

Off to make a few more! There’s still time to get yours started too!


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  1. Amber says:

    Oh I just found your fabulous kits and store! Sooooo enjoying shopping, had to buy the Retro Christmas Kit! Loving the shabby vintage style!

  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    What a totally CUTE project!

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