Haunted Wall-Hanging

Just looking at this Vintage Halloween Banner kit gets the creative ideas flowing! I couldn’t wait to use this wooden hanger, so I created a fun, total vintage wall hanging, to make our house a bit spookier. It will look great with my¬† vintage Halloween collection!

Vintage Bingo cards make the perfect base for this wall hanging! I simply taped them together with Soot Tinted Tape, and then stitched (I stitched it a bit unevenly to add to the spooky charm) over the tape with orange thread. Stitches great, and makes this “canvas” extra supportive.

I hot glued the wooden hanger to the top of the “canvas” at the very end, and attached a creepy plastic spider, by dangling it at the end of Charcoal bakers twine.

I painted the vintage wooden clothes pin, and hung a “sign” off of it. Just love vintage playing cards-so many possibilities with those, especially when you cut them up!

Vintage treat bags…ahh….just LOVE those things!!! All about the texture, and those sweet little bags not only have cool imagery, but the crinkly texture is just great! I added some stitching along the sides and bottom for an extra touch, and turned this treat bag into a fun pocket.

This vintage orange juice cap frames this spooky witch perfectly, and when attached to the bottom center, reminds me of a spooky brooch a witch would wear.

I hope this kit inspires you as much as it does me! And, because vintage treat bags are so awesome, we’ve added them to the store!


Hope you have a great day!!!


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2 Responses to Haunted Wall-Hanging

  1. Lindy says:

    This is absolutely adorable!!!!! T4S

  2. VickiChrisman says:

    WOOO HOO..this is AMAZING M! Love it!

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