Playtime friend

I am just loving these darling little kiddos!  I thought it would be fun to make a little something with them to set on top of my hoosier in my work room.   I love making  fairies by adding them to wooden spools and dowels, so I did the same with these cuties.   But to make it even a bit more fun ( and have a fitting theme for my room), I decided it would be fun to have them holding a   banner… announcing that it’s PLAYTIME!   We all love “playtime” right? lol

 The hardest thing was picking which cute outfit they would wear 🙂   I chose these, but with all the choices in the Family Fun Paper Kit.. I can always change them out.  Well.. certianly. They cant wear shorts this winter. lol   There’s something about paper dolls ,that a girl never out grows.

 I had to share just one photo.  It’s me with one of my favorite playtime friends from my childhood.  Actually it’s my cousin. Craig and I were two peas in a pod when we were little.  This photo was taken at my Grandparents farm in South Dakota.  Fond memories for sure.

Remember … young or old, we all need our playtime.  It keeps us young.

Vicki   (my blog “This Art that Makes Me Happy” )


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  1. sharon gullikson says:

    I LOVE the paper dolls! Doesn’t everyone? I can think of so many projects that would look great with the dolls and clothing. Great idea, VSM!

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