Boo the Neighbors-Vintage Style!

Do you participate in the newest tradition of “Booing” your neighbors? I think my kids look forward to doing this as much as going trick or treating! If you’re not familiar with “Booing,” basically, you put together a container of treats, and in the dark of night, sneak over to a neighbors house, place the basket on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, then run and hide so they cannot see who is booing them.  For the less daring, leave a basket during the day, so that it can greet your neighbors as they arrive home from work and school. In this basket of treats, you also include a poem and a ghost illustration. Simply google “Booing” and you’ll find a wide variety of poems and posters. What these are, are the instructions for your neighbor. They post the ghost picture in their window, showing they’ve been booed, then they have to continue the fun by booing another neighbor, and so on, until your neighborhood homes each have a boo sign in their window. Its so fun seeing how quickly this happens, and it does!

Vintage Treat Bag kit

 I just love how this tradition gets everyone in a festive mood and really brings back a fun sense of community! For this boo basket, I used the Vintage Halloween Treat bags we have in the store, and filled them with vintage Mary Jane candies (remember those yummy peanut buttery taffies?), popcorn and candy corn. I also added in an apple and a caramel apple as well. And, a non-edible treat-isn’t this vintage inspired Pumpkin Ratchet cute? We have a few left in the store-they make a great Halloween decoration, but are also pretty fun to play with!

The tag that tops it all off, was cut out of black cardstock, and decorated with a pumpkin image cut from the vintage printed crepe paper that is also included with the treat bags. Very simple to assemble.

Couple tips to take away from this little tag though:

1) use Tinted Tape as a unique border. Instead of inking the edges of your cardstock, simply fold over a strip of Tinted Tape on each edge. This tag uses Soot Tinted Tape.

2)put your title on a banner. I cut this pennant from orange cardstock, added my title, then poked a jewelry finding into the side as a pennant stick. Crinkle the pennant a bit to give it some lift, then adhere to the tag.

To add a bit more depth, I attached a black cardstock bat to the back of the basket.

Now all I need to do, is decide which neighbor is getting this vintage basket! Have fun booing this year, and if you’ve never done it, give it a shot-you will love it!

Happy Spooking!



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  1. Becky P S says:

    What a nifty idea! I just moved to a new town and neighborhood. I may do this to thank our new neighbors for all their welcoming and helpfulness!

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