Reflector Rose

Did you know that reflectors were “invented” in the 1940s as a response to the war? In order to conserve energy, these little mirrored flowers were popped over each Christmas tree lightbulb. Trees would have extra sparkle, but needed fewer lights. Originally, these reflectors were made of cardboard on which glitter, or a mirrored finish were applied. After the war, when metal was more available again, reflectors were made of tin. Reflectors came in many colorful shapes and sizes.

This year, make  a gift extra special and distinctive by decorating the package with a Reflector Rose. I wrapped this little box first with vintage sheet music then tied it off with red tulle. With a hot glue gun, I then layered two reflectors, and added a vintage button in the center. I then painted the edges of the center reflector with white craft glue and applied glitter for a bit more texture. A little more glitter in the center of the button, and the rose is done! I simply then glued the flower to the package.  Really a quick, festive decoration.  Pick up a package of REFLECTORS from the SHOP and make a few for your gifts! Another fun idea would be to glue a magnet on the back, and put them on the fridge!

Do you remember putting reflectors on your Christmas trees? Its not a retro Christmas without them!


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  1. I LOVE this, Michelle! So vintagely fabulous–the glittered edging makes it even better!


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