No Boys!!

Hi there, this little project is made especially for my daughter. Having a little brother can be hard so why not give her, her own little space where he’s Not Allowed lol. I created this little door hanging to post on her door, so that maybe in a year or two when he can actually read it 😉 he will stay out of her room. I guess until then it will give her a sense of ownership, and a cute piece of decor.

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3 Responses to No Boys!!

  1. Jennifer D says:

    I will be making this immediately!!!

  2. sharon gullikson says:

    Oh my gosh, I love it!!! My brother would have liked to have one that says no girls….
    I keep wanting to make a sign for the dishwasher (clean/dirty—one on each side), but cute like yours. Great job–your girl will love it!

  3. Keesha says:

    Love this!! I have a canvas mini that need to use, but didn’t want to make a mini. This would be perfect!

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