A fun little Coupon organizer

Hi everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall. The weather here in Nebraska has been just amazing! We are enjoying every minute because, we know it can all change in a flash.  I’ve lived here all my life, and I can promise you.. colder weather WILL come before long 🙂  Gotta love Nebraska!  brrrrr    Whether you have colder days ahead, or you live where it’s warm all the time…   The Holidays are quickly approaching.   That means more cooking and baking for alot of us, and that means more trips to the store 🙁     What a better time to start clipping coupons right?   I found this fun little unfinished divided box at Target a while back and thought it would make a great coupon organizer.

I thought to myself.. if I’m clipping and saving coupons, I’m doing it in style! lol   No really… I thought it would be fun to dress up my coupon organizer to atleast make it alittle more fun.  So I broke out my Family Fun Collection  …..now whether it’s sitting on my kitchen counter or in my cart at the grocery store, atleast I have something fun to look at:)

** If you are not one for dealing with coupons, what about one of these to hold receipts for Christmas gifts?   Every year I have a billfold filled with this and that receipts that I need to save incase things need to be returned. This year… I’m going to be organized!  ( or atleast give it my best shot).

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4 Responses to A fun little Coupon organizer

  1. Ericka says:

    Can you tell me where you found the blank coupon organizer?

    • VickiChrisman says:

      Yes Ericka.. I found it at Target in the paper and stationary isle. It was inexpensive. There is a entire line of different office things like this, with the simple craftpaper and black look. This specific one had the word “notes” in black , down in the lower corner. Hope that helps.

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Ericka,
      Vicki found these at Target (in the area where the notebooks are all kept), and I remember picking some up last year…not very expensive at all, and full of fun potential! Wouldn’t this be cute too to tuck everyone’s Christmas wish lists inside????


  2. Cindy Andrews says:

    I just spent a few hours at Target Tuesday morning. But, this is worth a trip back! These would make cute stocking stuffers for my daughter and daughter-in-law!

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