Gratitude Layout

Happy Friday!!  For this post I wanted to take time to say “Thank You”.  We have a great group of people behind Vintage Street Market, as well as our designers, customers, stores and followers.  We want you all to know how much we really do appreciate you and all you do!

On that note, I want to share a very simple layout I put together for my scrapbook of my family.  It is for us to remember what we are grateful for,  right now,  in 2011.  There are times I don’t even remember what I was grateful for an hour ago,  so to write it down now is important.  It will be fun to look back on what the kids wrote this year and what they write down in the future when their priorities change.

I used the paper from the Family Fun Kit for this layout.  The striped paper is the reverse side to the Distinguished Dad paper and I got all the dolls, smaller size, from the reverse side of the packaging cover.  This paper sheet allows families to customize how many family members they have. Tinted Tape creates the borders and accents the envelopes.

Please take some time to remember what is important to you and your family.  Either write it down on your computer, journal or scrapbook this important topic.  We should always stay positive, but if there ever is a low,  you can look back on this and remember the good things in your life.

Thank you again for joining Michelle and I our life journey and we hope you all enjoy Vintage Street Market. – Have a great weekend – Allison

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