Gift Card Holders

I have been having so much fun creating things  with the goodies in my “Classic Christmas Vintage Kit”.    “Real” Vintage goodies, well that’s extra fun!   I decided to use some of the things in my kit to create some special gift card holders .

I cut the little stocking below out of some red felt and did a little stitching, before starting the fun part… embellishing with the vintage goodness from the kit.


Here you can see the trims and embellishments up close.

For this card holder I reached in to my “to alter” bin in my storage closet.  There are a number of different shapes and sizes of these tins out there, and many of them would work perfectly for gift card holders.  I used one of the vintage book pages for the front of mine.  I *LOVE* this image, don’t you?

This is how I dressed up the inside of the tin.   I left room on the left to right a message.

Using these vintage treasures, certainly tends to make one feel nostalgic. ( well, it certainly does me).   Nostalgic enough that it got me started looking through photos of Christmas’s past.  I had to share this photo with you.  It’s our boys when they were little, and it makes me smile!!   Weston ( red head on the left) is now 29, Jarad ( the little guy) is now 25.

Oh.. the time goes by so quickly.

Here’s to another year of wonderful Christmas memories to cherish.


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