a little tree ornament

Hello everyone,

sorry I am putting this up a little late today, I was hoping to get a good picture of this on our Christmas tree to show you how i will hang it, but life got to busy and we didn’t finish getting it up yesterday. darn. So I just took it on our table.

This was so super easy to make. I lined the back of the Checkered paper (Family fun) with the shiny foil paper from Party Games. Then I knew it would match when I curled the sides in. I cut 10 little squares then I rounded one point. Then with a little glue or staples whatever you like, roll the bottom so that one side crosses over the other. (adhere this to a base) In this case I started out with a red doilie over a 4″ cardboard circle. Then I put some shiny gold tree sprigs in between to add shine when on the tree. Then I filled my gap in the center with more doiliees and flowers. Fun, easy, glimmery.

Hope you like it.

Leica Forrest

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2 Responses to a little tree ornament

  1. Deanna Lilly says:

    Love this! Soooo pretty. Actually looks like something I could do! TFS

  2. cherry says:

    this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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