Christmas Tags

Christmas is almost here! woo hoo!

Break out all your Vintage Street Market scraps and make a tag.  Tags are the perfect way to create little works of art, and at this time of year, you sure can have fun marking the presents. In the following tag, you will see only bits and pieces of kits. I rolled up the foil to make rows for a Christmas tree, added rhinestones and voila! A decorated tree. I used part of the VSM packaging logo as the background for the tree. I put a tiny piece of pp where the VSM name would be, and I selected the stripes so that it was perfect for putting To: & From: on.

Here’s a closeup of the tree:

Cute, fun and easy!

This elf has many more to make…

Leica Forrest


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2 Responses to Christmas Tags

  1. Susan says:

    I am in love. This alteration is lovely. It’s so wonderful to bring the past to the present through our art. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Susan says:

      Opps! This was supposed to post to the Golden Book post. None-the-less, the thought remains the same. The tag is lovely and creates a warm display.

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