Vintage Christmas Bingo Decoration

I am always excited to work with all the “true” vintage products we have available in our shop.  Today I created a quick and easy vintage decoration for the wall, the tree or even on a package. 

 I think that Bingo boards/cards are one of the most useful products available in the vintage market right now.  To be able to use them as a base for any project or as an accent is wonderful.


Isn’t the snowman adorable.  You can use anything to adorn your projects.  This snowman is actually a pin, but by removing the fastening devise I was able to glue it down flush to the card.  This is a simple, less is more, project so I hope you enjoy it. 


I hope you are having better success at Christmas shopping this year than I am.  I am struggling so much this year.  I truly feel so blessed.  My family is healthy, both my husband and I have jobs, the kids are doing awesome in school, we have food on our table and a roof over our heads.  I hope this post finds you all full of blessings and love and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you for making ours great!

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