Save the Bubble Lights!

Bubble lights-you gotta love them! Maybe a little bit tacky, but oh so much fun and really add personality to the Christmas tree. I’m watching mine cheerfully bubbling  away right now.  Unfortunately, like all bulbs, they do not last forever, and its a teensy bit upsetting to throw such a unique piece of vintage away.  Plus finding replacements is kind of difficult these days!

So, here is a little, EASY, craft preserving those burned out bulbs, and we have a limited number of these ornament kits available in the store HERE.  As bubble lights are the “modern day” answer to putting real candles on the Christmas tree, this ornament resembles those sweet Victorian candles with a retro twist.

Click on the instructions below for a printable version of how to assemble these vintage mementos.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!



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  1. This is a great idea…my mom has some of these up in the attic…will have to try this next Christmas : )

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