Westward ho!

When you think retro vintage, you certainly cannot overlook the cowboy craze of the 40s and 50s. With the invention of television, children could now watch The Lone Ranger in their own living rooms and John Wayne on the Big Screen. And, just like children of today, the toy market catered to these new interests,  and playing cowboys became a favorite activity.

The Family Fun collection embraces this cowboy craze with the Marshall Matthew paper and the boy/girl cowboy outfits in the paper dolls (Family Fun Fashion Set). This Bingo Craft Card (super fun NEW RELEASE) is layered with images cut from Party Games Paper Sheets and one of those cute paperdoll cowboy outfits. Little black brads dress up the buttons. These little outfits from the Family Fun collection are so fun to embellish!

This Bingo Craft Card is complete with cowboy, and accented with a vintage button. Don’t you love those saddle shoes??? I love how these Bingo Craft Cards come in a variety of sizes and colors!

Can you believe this is a child’s toy gun from the early 50s??? This play pistol actually belonged to my dad as a child. The quality is just amazing-made of metal, and encased in a real leather holster. Isn’t the stud work amazing?

A Golden Book from 1958, based on a popular TV series. Anyone familiar with this show? I haven’t seen this one, but my son and I have certainly read the book!  The artwork is just amazing….

And such striking colors! They just don’t seem to make them quite like this anymore. Maybe that’s why we all love vintage!

Hope you’re having a great week, and taking time for some vintage creativity!




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6 Responses to Westward ho!

  1. sharon gullikson says:

    ADORABLE! It reminds me of the Wells Fargo museum in San Francisco. Cool.

  2. Gorgeous! Love this post! 😀

  3. Shellye says:

    Love it! Just received the BINGO cards and they are FAB-U-LOUS 🙂

  4. Amy Duff says:

    How cool that you have your father’s cap gun! That’s a beauty for sure! Don’t make them like that anymore. I love the cowboys paired with the bingo cards! A fun mixture!

  5. Victoria Warren-Mears says:

    Love these old book! Aren’t the images rich and wonderful! Love those projects too!

  6. Vicki Chrisman says:

    What a FUN post! Loved it!

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