Paper Ribbon Tutorial

Here’s another wonderful advantage (aside from ALL THAT CRAFTING PAPER!),  to Paper Sheets-the thinner paper makes for wonderful ribbon!

Ribbon? Really???? YES!!!! And, here’s how:

1) To begin, cut a strip of your favorite Paper Sheet. In this example, I used a 12″ x 3″ strip of the dress patterned side of Dimestore Vogue.

2) Next, cover the paper with rows of Tinted Tape. In this example, I used Linen Tinted Tape. And, I love how the Linen tape makes the paper a deeper color! Adding the tape secures the paper and prevents any ripping-you want your paper ribbon to last! It also makes it more “bendy.”

3)Now, layer your paper ribbon with even more ribbons! I added a bit of lace trim, then layered pleated dress pattern tissue (from a real dress pattern) over the top. I really like the different dress pattern textures.

4)So, what do you do with this layered paper ribbon???  Well, with this one 12″x3″ strip, I cut it down and made an interesting, very textured background for a card (see above).  Instead of layering other ribbons on top, you can punch out a very unique border. And, you can also stamp on it! Staz-on ink recommended for this step.

(for the how to in making the newsprint flower, view our YouTube video)

As you can see, paper ribbon can be very versatile! And, with so much paper included in each Dimestore Vogue or Party Games Paper Kits, and 70 feet of tape on each roll of Tinted Tape-you can make TONS of paper ribbon!!!




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  1. ConnieM says:

    Super cute!! I need to get me an old pattern so I can make some flowers~ever tried phone book pages for flowers?

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