Christmas Treat holder/ dressed up candle stick

Hello Everyone, Vicki Chrisman here.  It’s my first post here on the Vintage Street Market blog! I’m excited!  I have been LOVING these kits, and having so much fun creating with them.  I have a number of projects to share with you, so I’m starting with a couple today, and then I’ll share the others in upcoming posts on Saturday and next Wednesday.

I love creating something fun and new out of something that would have otherwise probably been tossed.  So .. the project you see below was created from a discarded ribbon spool. Those of you would know me at all, know I have a thing for using empty ribbon spools. lol  I’ve used them  to make mini layered cakes, and little pull out albums also.  There is just something about their shape and size that I find so intriguing to create with.  In this case I just pulled the bottom and top round pieces off a large empty ribbon spool, and adhered  die cut round scalloped pieces of cardstock to them. ( I added Red Glass Glitter to them by brushing Mod Podge over them, and then sprinkling on the glitter).  Once that was finished I attached the bottom round piece of the spool, back onto the ring with hot glue.  From there, you just get to have fun and dress it up as you wish.  It could easily be used for treats, a money holder or gift card holder. It could even be hung right on the Christmas Tree, serving as a gift holder …AND a tree decoration.

You can see the smaller tin next to it that came in the kit. I decorated that also, to be used as a little gift holder for a necklace.

**I’ve added links to the specific things I’ve used in my projects if you are wondering where they came from. I also used goodies from the Retro Christmas kit for these projects.

It seems that every year, I like to put out somethings that are new and different when the holidays come around.  I’m pretty thrifty, I don’t always just run out and buy new things (well, okay.. sometimes I do lol).  Actually I really love to just redo things I already have, and give them a new look.  I have a number of candle holders, and candles but the rings for them were pretty dated and nothing I was excited about putting out.  So…. once I started playing with my kit, I realized there were all kinds of fun things in there that I could use to give these old things .. new life, and make them something fun I’d want to set out and enjoy.

I adore these reflectors, and these Vintage Christmas labels, and think they look so cute at the base of this candle.   Now this once boring  candle and candle holder make me happy every time I see them sitting on the end table.

I am loving all the great projects here on the blog and I’m exciting to see what else these girls have up their sleeves for December.  Is there anything better than Vintage Christmas??  Oh my.. I certainly don’t think so!      I’ll be back to share more here also, so see you soon!


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15 Responses to Christmas Treat holder/ dressed up candle stick

  1. Gorgeous stuff, Vicki–love it all!

  2. Kinzie says:

    WOW Vic!!! I absolutely love the Santa tin. Beautiful.

  3. Vicki, I am a great admirer of your work. Thanks for posting on Facebook about this blog. I love the kits and I will be sure to be back in the future!

  4. Jan Hennings says:

    Gorgeous projects and love how the reflectors dressed up the candle holder.

  5. Jane Harrah says:

    Love that little box and the music paper inside is so cute. The candle holder is great. Looks like something we used to put out when I was a kid.

  6. DebbieK says:

    Great projects, Ms. Vicki! Love the Santa on the ribbon spool:) You are so creative, love everything you come up with.

  7. Julie Higgins says:

    As usual, your work is gorgeous! Julie

  8. Cheryl Stauffer says:

    Vicki, both of these projects are terrific! I always enjoy your creativity and it shone through again. How inventive to use the reflectors on the candlestick.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  9. Mickie says:

    Oh Vicki, these are so cute. I too have been hording the ribbon spools with no idea what to do with them. Thanks for showing this!

  10. jane w. says:

    hi Vicki! THESE are incredibly cute!

  11. Linda says:

    Both of these projects are wonderful! The colors and the vintage touches are charming!

  12. Roberta says:

    Love your ideas Vicki, so creative!!! Awesome job!

  13. This is beautiful, LOVE everything you made Vic!

  14. annemk says:

    Hi Vicki!
    love your projects…
    I’m loving Vintage Street Market too!

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