Easter Album-its in the Box!

I just LOVE this vintage Paas Color Kit, but I have to admit, aside from simply displaying it, or dressing up/altering the outside, I was kind of feeling challenged in how to use it creatively. Then it hit me-open the box and file mini layouts inside!

Using the Vintage Easter Kit and the fun Paas Color Kit pieces I found when I actually opened the box, I was able to create some truly unique, vintage mini pages. And, what I love best, is that its compact enough that I can still display this year after year-Easter decor and memory storage. LOVE that!!

I made these pages 5.5 x 5.5 inches square-they fit nice and snug inside and created tabs for the top-like a filing system. I decorated one side of each page, and on the back, kept it simple with just the photos.

And, some close ups:

A bunny cut from the book paper included in the Easter kit simply decorates this page.

This swirly pattern actually was an image included in the Paas box. And, a new use for the vintage egg dipper!

Paas really knows how to maximize their packaging! This fun punch out project was also included in the box.

Layering of vintage book paper, vintage Easter seal and Paas packaging trim.

Vintage Bingo card layered with a vintage View Master pocket to hold journaling tags. That sweet basket image also comes from inside the Paas box.

Now the flip sides!

Simple, simple, and I really like how compact this Easter album is! And, it makes a cute Easter decor piece!

So, now that your Easter photos are taken (maybe even printed/developed!), why not consider an Easter Box Album?

Create happy things!

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6 Responses to Easter Album-its in the Box!

  1. absolutely brill idea! I love it! 🙂

  2. mary t says:

    I am awe of your creative talents! This was a tremendous idea. I will be looking for other wonderful vintage ‘goodies’ when I go ‘thrifting’ with my friends! Mary T

  3. A very sweet idea for your cute Easter Holiday album. The view master reel pocket is such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Beth W says:

    Does not get any cuter and a brilliant idea!

  5. dball says:

    We have this same kit from old family Easter decorations. Does anyone know what year the $0.25 PAAS kit was manufactured?

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      How fun! This PAAS box was manufactured in the mid 1960s. Just love the retro images! Happy Easter!

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