Bingo Craft Card Notebooks

Purse-sized notebooks are simply a must for every purse.  There is always a need to jot a reminder, make a grocery list, or of course, notate a craft idea!  These notebooks are not only colorful, but simple and super easy to make! Minimal embellishing make these ideal for tossing in a purse.

To make these colorful notebooks, you will need a package of Bingo Craft Cards, a binding machine, spirals, copy paper for filler (or go vintage, with vintage ledger paper!), and cardboard for a backer.

Begin by selecting the Bingo card, then cutting down a piece of cardboard to the same size.  Cut down the filler, “note” paper, just slightly smaller than the outer cards.

Insert all pieces centered into the binding machine and punch holes. (If you do not have a binding machine, consider stacking all of the pieces, and punching a hole in the corner of the notebook. Then, insert a ring or tie together with a ribbon. )

Cut spiral to correct length and assemble notebook.

Monochromatic ribbons really add that extra punch of color and texture. Tie them around the entire notebook, and create a bow. Decorate a bit more as a gift by tying a tag (with the recipients name written on it) to the bow with Twirly Twine.

Bingo Craft Card notebooks also make GREAT teacher appreciation gifts! Or, arrange them in a basket as party favors for your next club meeting, or scrappin’ get together. Easy to assemble, cute, practical  and thoughtful!

And, take it from me, once you start creating these little gems,  it’s hard to stop! 🙂

Have a super crafty day!


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  1. What a great idea – love it!!

  2. mary t says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Love this idea! What a fun gift!

  3. Victoria Warren-Mears says:

    Adorable, another cute idea!

  4. oh my word these are fabulous…totally love them..

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