Candycane pinwheel tree and other gift ideas

For me handmade gifts are the best way to make someone feel really special.  The holidays are a busy time, so it’s sometimes hard to think  about finding extra time for making gifts right? We’ll here are a few handmade gift ideas that don’t take allot of time.

How about a little candycane pinwheel tree?  It’s super easy to put together with just a candy cane, a wooden spool and some goodies from the Victorian Christmas kit.

Or how about cutting out simple mitten shapes ,and stitching them together for treats or gift card holders.  Materials from the  Retro Christmas Kit 

( clothes pins, candycanes and ribbon were things I had one hand)

Another gift I idea is one that I actually did this year. I offered to take some family photos for a friend. It started as a plan to take a “2010” Christmas photo of their family for them, but then I thought, how much they would enjoy having a number of photos of their family together and of each of them individually. I know, as a mom, .. photos of your family are something you cherish.  Most of the time “you” are not in them, because “you” are the one taking the photos.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this, actually they will probably appreciate that they can just feel comfortable having someone they know take the photos right in there own home.   Once you have taken the photos, put them on a disc for them.  I used pieces from the Retro kit to decorate my CD case.

I slipped it into this envelope and finished it off with some fun embelishments from kit.

I have to share. This is my friend Julie and her family. Just one of the photos I took that is on the disc I will be giving them.   I know having these photos will mean alot to them.

Hopefully your creative juices are flowing!  Remember handmade and heartfelt doesnt have to mean time consuming.  It’s always fun to give a handmade gift… ( or maybe keep one for yourself) shhhhhh…

Thats okay too!

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2 Responses to Candycane pinwheel tree and other gift ideas

  1. Bunny Leeder says:

    WOW!!!!!!! I love the pinwheel tree. I am going to do this. I made several tree ornaments from the pinwheel idea. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,
    What great ideas! I kind of forget to check up on your latest creative ideas; but, when I do, I love all of them! Mary T

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