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I’ve been using a lot of sheet music from the Firestone Songbook in many of my posted projects, and as such, am now only left with the covers. I love how colorful this book is, and decided to make a Holiday Guest Book out of it! Wouldn’t it be a great memory, to have your holiday guests “sign in” and leave a message? You could leave it in the guest room every season and have a wonderful record of Christmas through the years through the eyes of your guests! To begin, I carefully separated the front and back covers, and measured paper from the vintage Victorian Christmas kit to fit inside. I also selected a vintage receipt from that kit as well as some vintage Bingo cards to add some additional texture and interest. These pages were cut down to size, and assembled using a binding machine.

Dresdens, vintage Christmas labels and mini ornaments further dress up the cover. Some cellophane ribbon under this assortment also adds some volume, without adding color. Love how the ribbon does that!

For this kraft page, I simply lightly brushed the paper with ivory acrylic paint, and added a vintage Saint Nicholas dresden.

On this kraft page, I added torn book paper, and a Christmas label. I covered both pieces with Mod Podge and sprinkled with glitter. Red glass glitter adds extra bulk to the candles.

Love this foil Christmas label!

Vintage Bingo cards are just a staple in paper crafting these days! I love the Christmas poinsettia label, and added detail with glitter.  A random little corner flourish of red glass glitter completes the card. Now the center is open for pictures your guests may want to add!

Guests will be arriving soon-there’s still time to start this tradition this year!


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  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Love this idea!!! Gorgeous book!

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