Collecting: Clock Faces

Time, there’s never enough of it. And that is especially true when collecting vintage clock faces-you can’t have enough of them!

Collecting vintage clock faces is a trend that is gaining in popularity. Its an easily attainable, architectural element, that when grouped together adds interest to any home decor. Even a small grouping makes a striking vintage statement.

Did you know,  the first mechanical clocks (developed in the 1200s) did not have faces-time was simply marked by ringing bells. In the late 1300s however, clock faces and the hour hand was introduced. The minute hand followed a few hundred years later in the 17th century when the pendulum was introduced.

Thank goodness-I couldn’t imagine not having such a neat item to collect!  Oh, and you know, to tell time. 🙂

Happy Collecting!



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  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Those are SO COOL! I have a few..but NEED more. lol

  2. Wow…really great informative blog.It’s really helpful blog.Thanks for share……:-)

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