Pet Lovers and BFF

I used the  Party Games Paper Pack for two fun projects this month.  Have I told you how much I love my 8 month old puppy?  She is an adorable lab mix.  We are still working on obedience, but she is a gem.  So patient and loving.  This month I decided to create a printers tray featuring Ms. Pearl.  (Named for the Black Pearl, if you were wondering).

I used the Party Games dotted paper and red foil paper, along with the tag elements for this one.

The words sweet and happy come from the red Twirly Twine packaging.  Notice how I wrapped the yellow birthday candles with Twirly Twine?  And I am loving the banner tied in place with more red Twirly Twine.  I used old scrabble tiles for all of the title work.  It is accented with other elements; tags, part of a bingo card, and an embossed star from the red foil.  The duck is a vintage candle holder and the red circles are vintage clear tiddly winks pieces.  The paws and the puppies are buttons I found at my local scrap store.

I love the images in this pack so much I decided to make BFF necklaces with the frogs.  It is so simple to make these.  All you need is a 1-inch circle punch, your party paper pack, a bottle cap necklace (or other round) blank, and glossy accents.  Just punch the design you like out of the paper pack and carefully glue it into the necklace blank with glossy accents.    Make sure it is very flat and well adhered.  Let dry.  Once dry carefully add glossy accents over the top to form a smooth protective surface.  Let dry for a minimum of 6 hours.  String your pendant on ribbon, leather or a chain and you have a super quick BFF gift.

Here is one of the pendants on my BFF!  Have a wonderful end of June and enjoy the paper packs at Vintage Street Market!

Thanks for checking my projects out!

<3 Victoria


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2 Responses to Pet Lovers and BFF

  1. Beth W says:

    This is fantastic-my favorite post ever.Love the pup-she is going to be a really big girl.Thank ou for giving me a smile today.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Oh wow! I love your projects, they look great!

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