Some Seasonal Trivia…

Can you guess what this is? This particular model is from 1971.  It claims to “Beautifies and Preserves” *** “Prevents Needle Fall”***”Fire Retardant.”

Its the:

Craft Master Sno*Flok

Isn’t that something?  I can’t get over the idea of the mess this thing must have made! Anyone with personal experience with this gem? My parents didn’t use this when I was a child. But, I have to admire the concept, as I love snow-I’m the person who piles on the strings of tinsel on our tree every year.

Just in glancing at the instructions, it looks like this was attached to the vacuum cleaner hose. Luckily they do advise that this product be applied outside. They make no mention of how to dress. So, I imagine, according to the pics, that putting on your nicest clothes and having your hair coiffed just so is perfectly fine, as you will have TOTAL CONTROL of this product!

So, just had to share a holiday vintage treasure with you today. If you have any experience with one of these, we would love to hear about it!

Have a wonderful last weekend before Christmas!!!


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5 Responses to Some Seasonal Trivia…

  1. Keely Yowler says:

    Hilarious, Michelle! Can you imagine that mess. Great treasure!

  2. Theresa Merkling says:

    WOW! I remember spray snow, but never a FLOK machine! LOL too funny!

  3. Pam C. says:

    This is GREAT!! My parents used that VERY gadget EVERY year!! Us kids would be so excited to decorate the tree the minute we got home with it, but always had to wait a day for dad to Flock the dumb thing. My dad was very ANTI tinsel! They did hook it up to the vacuum. They put water in the container and attatched a seperate bag of flocking to the gadget. Worked quite well as I recall. Looking back, our tree was always lovely, but what a pain at the time! 😉 Thanks for the blast from the past!!

  4. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Okay say the very least! lol

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