A BINGO Hanger Part II

It seems as though I can’t get enough of Vintage Street Market’s BINGO CRAFT CARDS and turning them into fun hanging art for my craft room or other places in my home.  Happy Tuesday, Vintage Street fans, Shellye here with a couple of things that I’ve crafted-up vintage style!

As I eluded in the beginning paragraph, I’ve once again crafted a sweet piece of hangable art using a couple of BINGO CRAFT CARDS.  Being that it’s the middle of July, I can’t wait to get started on my Fall and Winter projects…I’ll admit that it helps me to get through the dog-days of a Texas Summer (and a little of Bing’s “White Christmas” playing in the background helps too!).

This HAPPY FALL hanger is actually a pocket too.  I created this by gluing two of the same sized Bingo Craft Cards together.  To do so, I cut two 1″ strips the same length as the sides of the cards and one 1″ strip for the bottom;  score the center of each strip so that it can fold or expand as needed.  Add a bead of glue to the tabs of the strips and glue to the front and back Craft Cards (see photo below for close-up).  Allow to dry and then begin embellishing…

I cut a 2″H x 24″W strip of the brown crepe paper (from the Dimestore Vogue Paper Kit).  I then cut the paper into sections, the same width as the bottom of the bingo card.  Layer the strips together (I had four) and machine stitch (or glue) at the top; cut into the crepe paper to create a fringe and then add to the bottom of the hanger.

In decorating the front, I used a 2″ strip of Pretty & Playful patterned paper (backside) from the Family Fun Paper Kit.  I cut a dovetail at the bottom and attached to the bingo card with foam tape.  I added a smaller, orange Bingo Craft Card to the top of that and embellished with a felt pumpkin, chipboard letters and glittered sticker from my stash.  I cut out the “happy” tag from the Black Twirly Twine packet and attached with a bit of glue.  I also tied on a small Black Twirly Twine bow and then stitched on a couple of large buttons using the same Twirly Twine.

When it comes time to display, I can insert some fall leaves, dried flowers or other small notions into the pocket.

Next up…creating fun wrapping and a bow with Party Games Paper Sheets and Tags!  We had a small gift to wrap, so I used an empty check box as the container and then wrapped in the pink portion of the Party Games Paper Sheet.

To make the bow:

Cut five 12″ x 1/2″ strips of paper…I cut mine from the yellow portion of the Party Games Paper Sheet.  Cut each strip in half.  Loop each strip by reversing the side as you create the loop; secure the ends with a staple or glue.  Begin building your loops by attaching two loops end to end and then layering the additional loops until the desired look has been achieved.  Create one final loop and attach it to the center of the bow.  I added a “for you” tag from the Pink Twirly Twine packet.

I can’t wait to try this out on my Christmas packages!

If you have any questions about either of these projects, just email me at shellye819@aol.com

Thanks for visiting today!


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