Vintage Fusion is HERE!!!


So, what is Vintage Fusion?

Vintage Fusion is the blending of authentic vintage items, with current (ie: new) vintage inspired products,  to create something entirely UNIQUE and totally reflective of  YOUR PERSONAL STYLE!

You’ve been seeing a bit of Vintage Fusion at Vintage Street Market since we first arrived on the scene.  It is such a pleasure to bring new life back to vintage, nostalgic products, and use them in a refreshing way-combining them with new products!

We are thrilled to expand the Vintage Street Market store to include your favorite crafting brands along with your new favorite vintage finds! Not only have we added new collection categories, we’ve also changed our store appearance! We hope you like the new look!

And, to celebrate our expanded line of VINTAGE FUSION, we are hosting GIVEAWAYS all month long!  Enter HERE and come back regularly for more chances to win!

Happy Creating!!!


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4 Responses to Vintage Fusion is HERE!!!

  1. The new storefront looks fabulous! That is awesome that you are expanding 🙂

  2. vwmvintage says:

    I love all of the new products! AND the old (vintage) too!
    You cannot beat the look of vintage designs and new products!
    Thanks for adding so many wonderful items.

  3. I have loved your papers and findings and now this is the perfect score for all us scrapbookers so we can just go to you for everything!!!!

  4. Shellye says:

    Love this! the new website looks great too!

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