A bit of ornamental history…

I think ornaments, in their way, are tiny little time capsules. Just like fashion, you can certainly look at an ornament and determine what “era” in history it comes from.  I want to share with you a few that are decorating my tree this year…

Love how this little angel peeks out from behind the branches… Definitely stylized like the 60s!

Ditto with this one. There is something about the combination of the felt and the sequins I just love. Loving the swirly hair too!

Of course, can’t forget Shiny Brites from the 40s and 50s. These round bulbs originally were imported from Germany, but during the tensions of WWII, American factories began to manufacture them. Once the war ended, these factories tried working with the factories of Germany to transfer operations back over, but the American population by that time demanded the sparkly boxes of Shiny Brites, and the American factories continued to make them.

More unique shapes, such as the bells, starbursts, and drops can be more difficult to find.  I love how the glitter of this one is tarnished and flaking off.

These bright colors of turquoise and pink were very popular in the 50s.

Let’s not forget bubble lights! Original bubble lights made an appearance in the 40s, but became so popular that they were available for several decades. Occasionally, you’ll see reproductions pop up. These are truly an American icon…

Very simple, but I love this mini Santa. In the 60s, and I think even the 50s, many ornaments were imported from Japan. This little guy is only about an inch and a half tall, so I’m sure the original intent of this ornament was to decorate a Christmas package. However, this one, and his friends, decorate the tree.

This sweet angel sits on a shelf next to our nativity scene in our living room. I’m sure she was someone’s tree topper in the 50s/60s, but that spot is reserved, on our tree,  for the pink construction paper and glitter angel our daughter made in 2nd grade.

We, at Vintage Street Market, hope you have a WONDERFUL Merry Christmas!!! And, we would love to see some of your favorite vintage ornaments-come visit us on Facebook and share them with us!

Merry Christmas,


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3 Responses to A bit of ornamental history…

  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Totally fun looking at those!

  2. kathleen says:

    I still have the same shiny brites!

  3. LOVE these old ornaments! I’ve got an extensive collection of various ones as well as the little putz cardboard houses.

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