Vintage Valentine Wall Hanging

Looking for something special to make for a loved one for Valentine’s Day? How about a unique wall hanging made up of all sorts of vintage materials? The ingredients used to make this wall hanging come from the new Vintage Valentine’s Kit. To begin, simply cut the 12×12 sheet of red cardstock in half, so that you have two 6×12 sheets. Then put them together end to end and tape or glue to secure, so that it measures 6×24. Notch the bottom to create the angels, so that it looks like a banner.

I then fashioned a “boxy” bow from the vintage velvet and created the hanger for the wall hanging. The loop is actually stapled to the top of the banner, and the decorative bow is glued over the loop covering the staple. Then, start layering the vintage pieces! I added the glitter heart using Red Glass Glitter. I love the texture and sparkle of glass glitter. Truly much different than basic craft glitter from the craft store. Plus, over time, it tarnishes lovely. Also, I added some vintage Cellophane Ribbon-this ribbon is a great way to create volume and additional interest, without adding color that could be distracting.

Red glass glitter was also used to create a sparkly background for this heart cut from one of the vintage Valentines included in the kit. So, another word about the Retro Snowflakes… these vintage embellishments can be used anywhere, and for any season! The retro design and the fact that these are clear make them just a neat accent piece. Very subtle, but distinct. You could actually cut them up and create multiple retro pieces…

What really makes this wall hanging special, is the many pockets. I went with a countdown concept, or rather, a “10 Reasons Why I Love You” concept. From the patterned cardstock, I cut out ten 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares. Using other cardstock and vintage papers, I trimmed out ten hearts for the pockets. I numbered each square, and added other embellishments here and there, such as the roses that are included in the kit, and Maraschino Baker’s Twine. These mini heart pockets can be filled with candies or other little trinkets, or, as in this example,  cut down narrow strips of cardstock and write down all of the reasons you love your special person.

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Vintage Valentine Wall Hanging

  1. Pam C. says:

    SO CUTE!! Love the use of the retro snowflake!!!

  2. Amber says:

    Love this kit and what a fabulous wall hanging!

  3. Patti says:

    Ohhhhh – I love this! I want to make one! Thanks for sharing your great ideas – I’m so glad I stopped by! Hugs, Patti

  4. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Such a FUN idea! Super CUTE!

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